Applying for your MBA

The application process is an important part of choosing a programme best suited to you. It is an opportunity for you to demonstrate to the business school why you want to study for an MBA, how well you will handle the work commitments and whether the one you have chosen is correctly aligned with what you want to accomplish after you have finished. 

The application process for each business school varies, though it can generally include:

  • Proof of your undergraduate degree
  • Completing an application form including written assignments and references 
  • Submitting your CV (to prove minimum of three years' postgraduate work experience)
  • GMAT or other entry test (not always applicable)
  • Language test (if wanting to study outside of your home country)
  • Interview (telephone or face-to-face)

Your MBA Application

At the Association of MBAs we are committed to helping people throughout their MBA journey, especially when taking that first step. This is why we have teamed up with MBA & Company and designed a specific business school application consultancy service that will ensure you put your best foot forward when applying for your MBA programme.  

This service aims to significantly improve your chances of success on each application and although we cannot guarantee your acceptance to your chosen school, it is designed to help you save thousands on the traditional MBA consultancies.

The £70 hourly rate means that you know your costs upfront and the competitive rates allow you to make savings where it matters.

MBA & Company have consultants all around the world and are uniquely placed to help you, wherever you want to study. Our service will put you in touch with MBAs who have been accepted and qualified from the schools that you want to go to, meaning the consultants have direct experience and understanding in knowing what it takes to get accepted into your chosen programmes.

They will be able to provide insight and guidance into all parts of the process. From re-writing your CV to the school's template, helping with the admission essays, to conducting mock interviews, as well as providing relevant alumni connections.

For more information, please fill out a form which can be found here and your personal account manager will contact you today.

MBA & Company


Founded in 2009, MBA & Company's core business is publishing exclusive consultancy projects via their online platform The platform serves as a marketplace for freelance engagements, ranging from 10 hours upwards, as well as a jobs board for full-time opportunities. 

Professionals who have MBAs and PhDs from the world's leading business schools can gain access to projects worth millions of pounds each year. The platform also provides a unique opportunity for MBA alumni to build their professional experience, enhance their credibility through the online feedback and testimonials provided by clients and earn additional income. members have the opportunity to work in teams on projects around the globe as well as those within their local markets. Clients range from FTSE 100 businesses to innovative start-ups that need help in order to grow. 

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The Accredited MBA Fair

Speak to Admissions Officers from top international accredited Business Schools at the Autumn Accredited MBA Fair in London. Admission is free. Find out more.